Sunday, January 23, 2011

Treasures for your kids

Now that I have spoiled myself with some goodies. It is once again time to make some fun stuff for the kiddos. Here are some great projects that would make any child smile.

My daughter is only 7 months old but you can never be too young to sport a rockin' tutu. Or too old. Kidding. Sort of. ;)  I wanted something quick and easy so I found a great tutorial here. I do recommend going ahead and buying a spool of tulle because the whole "quickness" of the project flies right out the window when you have to cut up YARDS of tulle in perfect strips. I am so crazy about this ribbon. I found it at Joann's recently and I want to use it everywhere!

My little man is starting a collecting phase. Which I assume most toddlers go through one time or another. Enter, the backpack. It's so cute manly and fits his little back and all of his treasures perfectly. I managed to whip this up in about an hour. 

Who can resists those cute felt cookies? The kids and adults get a big kick out of them at our house. Our little chef loves passing these out to the family all day long.  You can make them yourself with this tutorial here. (Caution: When staging these cookies for pictures, resists the strong urge to think they are real and warn others of the same. Just sayin'.)


Bow tie pasta anyone? These are so simple and quick to make. They are great to whip up in a big batch for your little one or as a gift for another lucky child. There are so many variants of these.  I really liked the method used here. I also went the lazy way and found some matching embroidery thread to tie these together. Enjoy!

Laura H

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