Monday, January 31, 2011

Perfecting my Paper Routine with IHeart Organizing

Inspired by one of my favorite blogs, IHeart Organizing, I decided to perfect my paper routine and take part in Jen's January Paper Challenge.  Here is my progress report. :)

I had a head start by having my important papers already filed and labeled. Yay me! To make things more user friendly, I consolidated my most frequently used files in a smaller box. Voila!

To created a place for my incoming mail and papers I purchased this handy expandable file and planner at Target. My cute planner has a nifty little pocket that holds my incoming bills and invitations perfectly.

  This expandable file folder is used to organize the "flow" of the incoming paper. To do this, I labeled each section like so...

I already had a system for my coupons in place as well. I organize them by product and so far this has been working out very well. I keep up with expiring coupons by checking the batch each week.

I did want to beautify my coupon book though, so inspired by Jen's adorable labels I created my own. :) Since then she has so generously provided the template for these labels here.

 Finally, I set up a little command center to keep all of my organized goodness accessible. :)

Thanks for the inspiration Jen! Ready to get your papers under control? Visit IHeart Organizing Project Paper. Enjoy!
Laura H


  1. It looks very organized.. like the white organizer

  2. Lovin' your system!! The office products you used are so cute. You've got great style girl!

  3. Looks great!! Excellent job!

  4. ahhh I so slacked on this project! Congrats for finishing it with style! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  5. Congratulations on really taking charge of this project! It looks like you have an incredible system in place for a successful 2011! Way to go!

    Sending you virtual high fives for taking on this project, and many thanks for sharing your story and linking up!