Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Best Top Coat EVER

Sally Hansen Mega Shine Extended Wear Top Coat  
This is a must for me every time I paint my nails. It gives a very even glass-like finish to freshly painted nails and it really does protect and prolong the color. It drys very quickly and is just as good as it's more expensive competitors. I got mine at Ulta. Happy painting!

Sally Hansen HD "LCD"


   My better half picked up this great shade for me, upon my request, the other day. This picture really doesn't do the colors justice. It's a pink shade from Sally Hansen's HD line. You may see the blue/purplish glitter towards the top of the bottle and that's the magic of this shade. It's so pretty and the glitter changes color every second as new light hits it. I really suggest you check it out. It's really not just another ordinary pink. You do have to use a good three coats for the colors to really pop but it's worth it. :)

A Touch of Mint

Revlon  "Minted"

Hey everyone! As I said, nails = current obession. I guess I like it right now because I am pressed for time and this process only takes about 10 minutes. That may even be a lot for some of you. Anyways, I'm really getting into these opaque shades. Here is a fun one from Revlon. I must admit the bottle is pretty darn ugly but the color is great. I don't think the shade will be this bright on lighter skin but it's super bright on mine as you can see.  FYI:  I just ordered a bunch of colors of China Glaze nail polish get ready for a haul update soon!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

bows and bow holders

Princess Bow Holder

My favorite bow so far.  I'm in heaven.

 Since I have a baby girl now, I figured I would direct my creative energy into making bows. They are great to make as gifts and even sell if you are interested in starting a small business. :)

Owl Bow Holder - I found a similar bow holder online and it was so adorable that I had to recreate it for my daughter.

Canon T1i DSLR = my new baby

                       my 4 month old baby girl's tiny toes

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. I have dreamed of this camera for years. I am a beginner photographer and I can't wait to learn how to make this baby shine. Does anyone have any pointers or lens recommendations?

MAKE UP FOR EVER Mat Velvet + Foundation & HD Microfinish Powder

                                            Sade 65

I just got these amazing products the other day. I have oily skin and so far it's working beautifully. I have not retouched this picture and I think it's doing a great job hiding pores. Two thumbs up!

a great nude nail polish for medium-dark skin

                                 Sally Hansen - Nude Now

My latest obsession is nail polish!  I have found a great nude nail polish by Sally Hansen.  They have a great line called Complete Salon Manicure.  I really like it because it goes on very smoothly without many streaks. Two coats should be enough for great coverage. I do have medium-darkish skin so if you have a similar skin color you can see how it will look. :)  I have also come across Sally Hansen's nail art pen. It's so great for little flowers and pretty much anything else you would like to draw on your nails. It is very precise. This has probably been out forever but I'm really excited about it.

I know my nails are VERY short. I am working on growing them longer. Trying to keep my bad habits in check. ;)

Let the madness begin!

Welcome to my blog! I thought it would be a fun project to get out here and share all of my projects with you guys. I love to shop so I'm sure I will share my finds quite often. I may slip in a few posting about baby gear too because that is also something I'm currently obsessed about. That's the fun part about my blog. It's a little bit of everything. Let the madness begin!